• Imprint Front Round Shoe

    Imprint Front Round Shoe

    Round front Imprint First shoe developed specifically to accommodate the needs and anatomy of the broader, flatter foot. It has a stronger frog cradle resulting in a more supportive shoe for this shape of foot and the seating angle makes it more...

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  • Imprint Front Oval Shoe

    Imprint Front Oval Shoe

    A completely mouldable, nail-less shoe which mates perfectly with the individual shape and contours of a horse’s hoof. Based on a heart-bar design, the shoe provides maximum support whilst allowing natural hoof movement. 2...

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  • Imprint Shoe Freezer

    Imprint Shoe Freezer

    Imprint Shoe FreezerQuickly hardens the fitted shoe enabling the foot to be returned to the ground to weight bear in minimal time.200ml net aerosol. 

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  • Imprint Granuals

    Imprint Granuals

    Imprint Hoof RepairHighly versatile fully mouldable structural formula with the texture strength and flexibility of natural hoof.Used for hoof repairs with Imprint Structural Adhesive, tailor - made extensions with Imprint shoes, or even on your...

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