Tool Maintenance

  • Coloured Cloth Mop

    Coloured Cloth Mop

    The Coloured Cloth Mop is used with either the White Compound in the second stage of the sharpening process, or is painted with the Sateen and used to grind back the edge of a knife or tool. A Pre-Sateened Wheel is also available for ease. The mop is...
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  • Sisal Mop

    Sisal Mop

    The Sisal Mop is used alongside the Grey Compound in the first stage of honing your knives. It is also used for sharpening your rasps, and if used daily from new can extend their life by up to 4 times! It is attached and removed quickly and easily to the...
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  • White Compound

    White Compound

    The White Compound is used with the Coloured Cloth Mop and is the second honing stage when sharpening knives. Once your knife is sharp this is all you may need to keep its edge.
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  • Grey Compound

    Grey Compound

    Use the Grey Compound with the Sisal Mop for the first honing stage for knives. You already need to have an edge and using this makes it sharper by removing the soft molecules. Use this daily from new on your rasps using just a few strokes - you will...
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  • Green Compound

    Green Compound

    Use the Green Compound with the Calico Mop for the final polishing process to give a mirror finish to your tools or a razor sharp edge to your knives.
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  • Wilson Handle wrap

    Wilson Handle wrap

    Self-adhesive replacement overgrip  Increased comfort due to additional padding Perforations and breathable material for optimal moisture absorption in sweaty hands
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  • Sateen A150

    Sateen A150

    This is the most abrasive compound within the kit. The Sateen is applied to a Coloured Cloth Mop by cutting about an inch off and dicing it and making it into a paste with a small amount of hot water. A Pre-Sateened Mop is available.
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  • Pre Sateen Mop

    Pre Sateen Mop

    The Pre-Sateened Mop is the most abrasive out of the wheels. It is used for grinding back the edge of a knife or tool. The wheel will need to be re-coated from time to time this is easy to do by making a paste from the Sateen and hot water and applying...
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  • Calico Mop

    Calico Mop

    The Calico Mop is used alongside the Green Compound in the final stage of polishing or sharpening. It is attached and removed quickly and easily to the Spiral Tapers.
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