Hoof Testers

  • AE Hoof Tester

    AE Hoof Tester

    Excellent value hoof testers by Victory.  Ideal for testing and locating pressure points and abscess on horses hooves, these hoof testers are manufactured from high grade tool steel with strong rivit ensures a firm grip and with a extra long handle...
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  • Delta Hoof Tester Delta Hoof Tester

    Delta Hoof Tester

    Highly popular hoof testers from Delta.  Made from quality polished tool steel and available in two sizes: large: 19” long, 12” reins, opens to 9.5” Small: 13.5” long, 9” reins and opens to 5”
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  • Round Hoof Testers

    Round Hoof Testers

    Hoof testers are used to locate painful areas on the horses foot.  It helps to locate areas of bruising or puncture wounds and it is commonly used to help diagnose laminitis, navicular diseases or to locate abscesses.  To test the hoof simply...
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